Back to Booktown Festival, Clunes, May 2012

Authentic traditional Punch and Judy entertains all ages.

Single shows can be booked for private functions or for public events for the day. A day's events can be one show every one and a half hours starting after eleven. (i.e. 11.30, 14.00, 15.30 works well) Between shows the booth itself adds a colourful and festive atmosphere to the event.

The show can also be performed at night.

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Public events I have performed at include:

Melbourne International Puppet Carnival. July 2006
Friends of the Zoo annual Christmas Party 2008
Woodford Folk Festival 2007 & 2008
Viva Italia Festival, Wangaratta, 2009 & 2010
Wood Wine & Roses Festival, Heywood, February 2011
Wooden Boat Festival, Goolwa S.A., February 2011
City of Whitehorse Spring Festival, 2011
Back to Booktown Festival, Clunes, May anually from 2009 - 2013
Blue Mountains Music Festival, Katoomba, 2013
National Folk Festival, Canberra, 2013
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, 2013

The show about to begin. Katoomba evening show.

[ Click here to see an example video ]

The space required is 1.5m x 1.5m for the booth plus an area for the audience. For performing outside it is preferable that the audience are facing with the Sun behind them (i.e. audience facing South East). The ideal position is where the booth can be seen by passers by. Seating is optional as the show can be watched standing up or sitting on grass or a ground sheet.

The possibility of wet weather should be considered. Also if it is likely to be windy the booth needs to be pegged down, so if the ground is hard it will need 4 weights, or even hay bales will suffice.

I use a portable amplifier that can be powered from mains or battery.

When organising a schedule of shows please consider nearby noise interference from other shows and announcements made during the show. Also the show itself can create quite a lot of noise from the audience.

Shows outside the Melbourne metropolitan area beyond one hours drive will involve extra costs for travel expenses and possibly accommodation.