Evening Swan 17'6" gaff cutter designed by Paul Fisher and built by Christopher van der Craats.



The shape of the hull is defined by a series of chipboard moulds upon which the red cedar planks were epoxied into place.

This hull shape was found to be perfectly suited to this method of construction. I was able to work from the shear all the way to the keel without any difficulty.The hull was very fair and as a result required very little effort when it came to sanding and filling.

The picture on the lower right shows the hull turned over and the inside being made ready for an internal covering of fibreglass cloth. This photo was taken at the now defunct Victoria Dock Wooden Boat Centre where the hull was built.

The photo below shows the framework for the interior and the foreward and aft cabin bulkheads in place, which were later covered externally with a veneer of mahogony plywood.






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