Sailing at Metung


The week before Easter we took Saskia to the Metung, which is a small boating village about 4 hours drive from Melbourne.

We hitched her on a tandem trailer to a diesel engined Nissan Patrol which towed her without a problem.

Metung is on a lake system called the Gippsland Lakes. This is a number of lakes at the mouth of a three rivers, separated from the Bass Strait by a narrow strip of sand dunes.

For most of the time the weather was perfectly warm but with very little wind. So we did some motoring about to explore the various anchorages and jetties and did some very gentle sailing - more like a controlled drift really. Light weather sailing gives you the opportunity just to sit and think, take in the suroundings and think about what more you can do to your boat.

Being close to the Roaring Forties, we often get low pressure systems sweeping across. These bring south westerlies blowing arctic winds up from the south pole.

Click here for a sample weather map of the area.

While at Metung we had two such cold fronts come though. The first went from dead calm to 45 knot winds in about 10 minutes. Luckily we had been warned and had secured Saskia to a pole. [See photo on the right] Others on the lake were not so lucky and we could hear the sound of their flogging spinnaker from up on the hill over looking the lake.

The next day everything was fine and the photo at the top of the page was taken while I was sailing by myself in an enjoyable force 3 wind (about 10 knots).

The day after another front came through just as ferociously. However by then we'd taken the boat out of the water and she was sitting on her trailer [see photo].