Punch and Judy shows were always set up in what was considered to be in the best position for gathering an audience. This place is called a pitch. A good pitch was worth keeping and a show would often appear at the same spot year after year.

For this project I have gathered together old photographs of Punch and Judy shows that in some way indicate where they were located. I have used a screen capture from Google Maps close to the spot where the photo was originally taken and then combined the two images to show the past and present in the one picture. It was not always possible to get an exact fit but the backgrounds generally line up.

Liverpool, Merceyside

Aberystwyth, Waterloo Place, Rhyl, Leicester Square, Brighton, Ilfracomb, Cardiff, Ryde, Liverpool, New Brighton, Charing Cross Rd.,
Weymouth, Great Yarmouth, Llandudno, London, Llandudno 2, Llangefni, Marylebone Road , Gorleston, Haymarket, Hastings, Lowenstoft,
Herne Bay
, Buxton, Blackpool, Liverpool 2, Great Yarmouth 2, Lyme Regis, Weymouth 2, Margate, Weymouth 4, Sandown, Margate 2
Western Super Mare, Folkestone, Red Lion Square, Weymouth 3, Paignton, High Holborn, Buxton 2, Buxton baths, Little Hampton,
Bournemouth, Glasgow, Tower of London, Morecombe, Scarborough, Aberystwyth 2, Scarborough 2, Halifax, Blackpool 2, Boscombe