Integral to my art practice is the theory that art - and creativity generally - is the interaction of three domains ( a triarchy): individuality (psychological), the academic (text) and social (zietgeist).

Art is based on how an individual situates themself within a social context and considers the interrelationship to theory (or text) and (Art)history. Contemporary art has become far too considered and tendentious. This has left little space for the randomness of chance and emotions that is integral to the human condition. Text has come to dominate to the extent that there is little that is visual left in the visual arts. Art has become overly curated and this intercedes between the interrelationship of the art object and the viewer. There are reasons for this - and there are some good reasons - but inevitably the artist as individual needs be reinstated back into the triarchy, if only to strive for a certain equalibrium. [ Click here for more on this. ]

Recent paintings

These most recent paintings employ the tradition of landscape painting to depict the old gold fields around Castlemaine as nature in turmoil. This is an environment that struggles to recover from the alluvial gold mining that occurred as long ago as the 1850's. Although it is a long time in the history of Australia and European settlement, in geological terms this a very recent and an still unresolved trauma.

Rather than focusing on just the topographic, the paintings are to some degree expressionist in that the images represent my own state of mind as much as that of the depicted landscape.

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In this section I follow the path I have taken over the years (1978 - 2017). It includes the theories I have adopted, and especially the various influences of artists and art styles, as well as the context within which my art was situated at various times. As iterated above I have a firm belief that we practice art an historical/theoretical and social context as much as from our own perspective. So I have tried to illustrate how this has occured in my own art.

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