A biography of painting - part 5

Digital art

In the very late 1980's and early into the 90's I had become interested in the then emerging technology of digital art. My approach to this was to transfer the painterly approach across to the computer screen. I experimented with the sort of line that the computer mouse could generate. I produced some pictures on the computer and printed them out using the dot matrix printers that were then available. I also incorporated the shapes generated by the mouse into some of my own paintings as a somewhat stylised version of the brush stroke (which had a sigificance all of its own).

Digital print 1993 36 x 58cm

Eventually I took a break from painting altogether and for many years worked as a multimedia developer at a university. I was at the time convinced that painting was finished as a valid art medium and that the 21st century would require an art that went beyond galleries and even artists. I thought art would be indistinguishable from our normal everyday life encounters. Mostly during this period I painted with acrylic on paper with the work being more to do with my personal psychology at the time.

In 1985 I had curated an exhibition of photocopies at the George Paton Gallery at the University of Melbourne as a medium of reproduction that could be utilised for artists. I saw the computer as a way of extending this idea. In this group exhibition my own contribution was to exhibit a matrix of milkbar images I had been collecting as an extention on my earlier interest in painting them.

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In 1995 I curated an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art at Heidie called "In Five Words or Less". This was a group exhibition of artists who used text in their work. Although this was an extention of my personal interest in text I did not include myself in this show.



Dot matrix print 1993 16 x 13 cm

Painting that uses the shapes generated by the use of a comuter mouse.
Oil on canvas 91 x 121cm 1989 (Click image to enlarge)

Charcoal and bitumen on canvas 91 x 121cm 1991 (Click image to enlarge)
In this and other paintings I explored the use of elemental media such as gold, charcoal and bitumen.