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Gold field Australia painting

Photography: a selection of images
Travel: an account of a journey across Russia
Yacht: I once built a boat
Punch & Judy: an interest
Pitches from the past.
Identifying the geographical history of Punch and Judy in the U.K.

Punch and Judy art gallery: a virtual gallery of paintings.
Educational design: my experience in this field
Ping Lin and the rabbit who fell from the moon
An illustrated children's book.



The most recent addition to this web site is the inclusion of a biographical outline of my art practice. [ Click here ]

January 2019

Photos taken at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, Australia [ Click here to open ], [ Click here to open ]

Learn to recognise Mandarin numbers(0-10). A simple interactivity that will most certainly teach you.

Here are examples of learning to count to ten in different languages:

Use these interactivities over and over again, space the learning over a day, then a week and a month and your memory will eventually retain the information. The emphasis in these is to use images as an aid to memorisation and to introduce a word as sound before showing the text.

Have been considering how to deal with a snippet of information as a learning object. In educational design there is a some consideration given to 'granularity'. This is the extent to which you disaggregate information while still keeping it useful and complete. So here is an outline of a workable minimum. It is here presented as a single pop up window. In online learning these minimal discrete learning objects are best situated in this way.

December 2018

I have begun to compile information on the study of the history and development of the Punch and Judy show (see below).

I have also made a web site for a poem orginally published in the Monthly Magazine in Spetember 1826.
It is called Punch and Judy and has the author as Bougersdickius. I will eventually compile these various referenced files within the Punch Scholar web site.

November 2018

Art is not always about creativity as such, sometimes it is about simply an observation; the recognition of an experience. I have been taking photographs of people looking at art and how they compose themselves in a gallery and form an inextricable relationship with the art objects, gallery and bodies (including what they wear).

Puppets en masse
A photographic survey of just some of the puppets I have made.

I have been scrounging around the internet to find some of the literature related to the Punch and Judy show in the 19th century. These examples give some indication of how the show was perceived during the time and also give us an idea of what the show was like as a perofrmance. Here is a list of what I have put online so far:

The Puppet Show from the Literary Speculum, Anon. 1821

Punch, The Wassail-Bowl, Albert Smith, 1843

Punch and Judy, Charles H. Ross, Routledge's Every Boy's Annual 1873