This is a tiny speck in cyberspace created by
Christopher van der Craats.

This site represents my professional work, personal interests and my creative endeavours, which are all mostly different shades of the same thing.

I hold the view that creativity is how individuals interact with the world. Essentially we are each of us isolated and the world is something we look upon from the perspective of ourselves. We need to negotiate the external world, resolve any dissonance, and redefine ourselves in relation to it. Art plays a big role of this process. The means by which all this plays out takes on different modes and can be varied. This website gathers together my own various efforts.

August 2019
This is the updated site. All pages have been updated and hopefully improved. More informative and better user experience. It has still not been designed for mobile phones and this is intentional.
Web development is an iterative process - Transience is to be expected.

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